Baker Tilly Team - Get to know us

...and then we would be delighted to get to know you. Trust is the basis of any good collaboration. You should never talk about money? We do. Because we will take care of all your questions and issues. How? We have the answers and the solutions.

We offer you:

  • 2 Qualified Liechtenstein auditors
  • 5 Qualified Swiss auditors
  • 1 Qualified tax expert
  • 3 Qualified trust experts
  • 1 Qualified expert in financial reporting / controlling
  • 3 Qualified business economists (FH – university of applied sciences)
  • 5 Specialists in finance and accounting with Swiss Advanced Federal Diploma
  • 1 Specialist trustee with Swiss Advanced Federal Diploma

Your Baker Tilly points of contact:


         Horst Büchel, Partner                            Moritz Heidegger, Managing Partner                      Manuela Gassner, Partner



     Jacqueline Bucher, Auditor                   Cristina Eggebrecht-Reiber, Accountant              Sabine Eriten Pfeffer, Accountant                           Patrick Hobi, Accountant                                  



      Esther Marxer, Accountant                    Neeresh Rajasingham, Audit Manager                        Fabien Roffler, Auditor                               Merit Sanzo-Heidegger, Auditor



     Martin Schlegel, Accountant                           Bernhard Steck, Accountant

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