Company consultancy

Succession planning – looking to the future

What are the challenges you face each day? How much risk do you take? What does it mean to have responsibilities?

Before we act, we would like to get to know you and support you at every step of the way. Yes, every step forwards. Staying still means moving backwards. Is that an option? No. Our team of specialists is there for you. We know what we're talking about – because we also run a company and think and act accordingly. We are forward thinking. Constructive. Capable.

  • Consulting regarding financial statements
  • Consulting regarding the establishment of active companies
  • Consulting in choosing the optimum type of company and structure
  • Analyses
  • Taking over the role of investigating agent in accordance with the law on due diligence
  • Company valuations
  • Second opinions for company valuations
  • consulting for company acquisitions and sales
  • Setting up and expanding controlling systems (budgets, financial and liquidity plans)
  • Restructuring
  • Reorganisation, consolidations and mergers
  • Financing and financing policy

Typical sales and valuation scenarios for an SME are:

  • Sale due to lacking internal succession
  • Handover to a family or company-internal successor
  • Acquisition of competitors
  • Spin-offs of company assets
  • Search for a suitable takeover opportunity
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