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Objective, independent, constructive

We ensure that your financial reporting is as it should be. In addition, audits are opportunities for companies to identify risks, to optimise and to develop further. After the audit of your financial statements, all the facts will be on the table.

Optimal consulting quality and the highest national and international standards in its execution are second nature to us. As an external auditing company, we take over the role of statutory auditing body for:

  • Asset management companies
  • Industry, trade, retail and service companies
  • International group companies
  • Establishment of companies and capital increases
  • Due diligence audits
  • Non-profit organisations
  • Charity foundations
  • Foundations and trusts
  • Court expertise

Bake Tilly Audits:

  • In accordance with Liechtenstein and international standards (FER or IFRS)
  • According to the laws on due diligence and asset management

Baker Tilly takes over:

  • Mandates for external audits
  • Mandates for internal audits
  • Risk management
  • Attendance of audit committees
  • Permanent internal audit function in accordance with art. 54 UCITS
  • Permanent internal audit function in accordance with art. 86 AIFMV (Liechtenstein Ordinance Concerning Managers of Alternative Investment Funds)
  • Internal audits in accordance with art. 10a para. 4 VVO (Liechtenstein Asset Management Ordinance)
  • Compliance function in accordance with art. 10a para. 2 VVO
  • Operative risk management
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